Natural Push Up

1. We would liked to have some reassurance that there would not be any dangerous side effects or any chance of increasing the risk of breast cancer.
The actual effects of NPU are not caused. However by a significant increase in the body’s estrogen level, because the concentration of these phytoestrogen is very low. The level in the bloodstream is scarcely, if at all elevated. The ingredients in the preparation is of exclusively natural substances. These is absolutely no relationship between this product and the illegal administration of hormones such as analobic steroids which occurs amongst some athletes and synthetic hormones which appear in some other breast products.

In regards to the possible risk of cancer, in Asia, for example, people consume many more the quantities of soy than in Europe. In Asian countries there is much lower incidence of breast cancer than European countries, yet consuming more phytoestrogens in the form of soy. Scientists are increasingly coming to the conclusion that tendency for breast cancer is genetically determined.

2. When breast enlargement takes place, does this mean the development of additional fat tissue?
No! Absolutely not. The use of NPU affects only the glandular tissue in the breast. The amount of fat tissue in the breast, on the other hand depends primarily on the weight fluctuations in the female body. If the preparation’s effect were due to an increase in fat tissue, this would be a cause for concern during times when the user would be engaged in losing weight. After all, when losing weight the first fat tissue to be lost often comes from the breasts. This would mean that the preparation would be counter productive to losing weight. Instead NPU provides the breast with extra support by replacing the fat tissue being lost, with glandular tissue.

3. What are the chances that NPU will be effective?
The manufacturer’s experience with the product shows a success rate of over 85% in the age group of 18 – 48 (pre-menapause). Our clinical study which reflects a similar figure further confirms it. This shows a good result as compared to successful registered medicines.

4. Much has been publicized about allergies, can consumers suffer allergic reactions to these tablets?
People who are overly sensitive to grain products (e.g. wheat, maize, barley, oats etc.) and Hops appear to show the same excessive sensitivity to these tablets. Other unexpected reactions related to an excessive sensitivity to the preparation have not been mentioned.

5. As Hops is one of the ingredient in beer, will drinking beer then reinforce the effect of the preparation?
The production of beer involves boiling, any active ingredients present in beer during its initial stages of production are broken down during the production process.

6. How long has this product been on the market?
This product has been sold since 1996 and currently the top selling breast care product in Europe.

7. Has any country ever forbidden its use?
Whether or not a product is permitted for use in a country depends on the product’s proven level of safety. This product is extremely safe. So safe, infact, not a single government has raised any objection to it.

8. How many tablets are there in a box?
There are 60 tablets in a box (for one month supply).

9. Is one box of tablets sufficient for a satisfactory result? If not, how many?
On average, a woman needs to take 1 or maximum 2 tablets a day for 8 months (1 course) to obtain and maintain an increase of one cup size. In general, every eight months (i.e. one cycle) will bring about reasonably one cup size (not indefinitely of course). Nevertheless, user should decide properly whether the should continue (if more are required) or, are they ready for maintenance dosage of 1 per day for 6 months with 1 box then lasting 2 months. User can refer to our support staff who has gone through proper training for more professional advice and request for a special formula which tailor to individual need. Again, we would liked to stress that, age, before and after delivery , pre and post menopausal are also an important determining factor.

10. Can I take more than 2 tablets per day?
No! We recommend that you follow the instructions as closely as possible. i.e. by taking maximum 2 tablets per day.

11. What is the reason for taking the tablets twice a day?
Taking one tablet twice a day keeps the level of their ingredients in the blood equal. This way, the tablets can produce their beneficial effects 24 hours a day. e.g. 1 after meal in the day and 1 after meal in evening.

12. Why should taking the tablets be accompanied by taking so much water?
From experience, it has been learned that the best effect is obtained by taking the tablets with a relatively large amount of water throughout the day at least 1 litre. The absorption of a large amount of water has been shown to encourage the activity of the active ingredients through rehydration.