Organic Noni Enzyme Capsule

1. What is Noni?
Noni is a tropical fruit which is originated in Tahiti, Southeast Asia and Australia, later brought into continents like China, India, Africa and America etc.
Noni is a light yellow, irregular surface, egg- shaped fruit. It has a unique cheesy flavor with bitter taste. Its seeds are strong and are able to survive in different habitats like draught conditions, volcanic terrains, lava and limestone environments. Lots of Australians, Cambodians and Fijians love eating these fruits.

2. What are the advantages to our body?
Noni’s root, flowers, seed, leaves, barks and fruit contains over 140 different health ingredients and healing herbs. It can be consumed in the form of capsule, juice or essential oil depending on people’s needs. It contains proxeronine which can be converted into nitrogenous compounds like xeronine which promotes healthy cells activities and repair damaged cells.

3. What are the production characteristics of EVERGREEN noni capsule?
Evergreen noni capsule was made in Taiwan and there are 3 main production characteristics.
  • Chartered farm and organic farming: Noni’s enzyme is derived from tightly scrutinized raw material to ensure its quality. Vegiland Noni is produced in Taiwan Ping Tung District guided by agricultural specialists and their researchers. They then chooses the best quality strain and the most suitable method to grow our very unique Noni. By adopting natural ecological farming method, no fertilization and no pesticides are being used basically, they are grown in a poison-free environment until the fruits are fully ripen.
  • Carefully chosen probiotic and traditional fermentation process: In order to raise the nutrition value according to its botanical biological characteristics, after five years of research, we have found the best fermentation environment. Together with probiotics to complete another 180 days of further intense fermentation, the purest active enzyme with multiple diverse nutritious elements are born.
  • Chilled dry purified plant capsule: To preserve Noni’s nutrition and its absorption router, under germ free environment and below 20-30℃, undestroyed Noni will be manufactured into powder essence in a chilled dry facility, then inserted into a natural safe plant capsule to ensure its purity and highest nutrition storage.

4. What kind of people are suitable to consume Noni enzyme capsule?
All people can take it as a nutrition supplement. Especially those who want to enhance their energy level, immune system and endurance ofr example, athletes and people who are easily get tired.

5. What is the daily dosage of EVERGREEN organic noni-enzyme capsule?
1 capsule per serving and 2 times daily. Take the capsule half hour before meal for optimal result.