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MFIII BLUECELLTM Extracts Moisturizing Serum Gel

With Oxygenin and 5 latest advanced clinically proven cosmeceutical ingredients collagen HM Elastin including Pep-Nutrix, Vegetal Fresh Cell, Vegetal Placenta, Pentacare-NA and BLUECELL extracts penetrates deep into the skin's layers immediately upon application, saturating the undernourished skin cells with ultra moisture and maintaining them.

BLUECELL extracts helps to increase oxygen supply resulting in stronger diffusion ingredients which allows cell epidermis to absorb the optimal quantity of oxygen for the metabolic process.

BLUECELL extracts lifts up the skin with resilience, moist feeling perpetuating the radiance to come from,protecting further the outer layers against constant environmental aggressiveness, skin becomes smoother, energized, refined, firmer, ideally supple and resilient with a much improved skin texture and complexion.

Clinical Studies

A 8 weeks independent study of 29 women aged 30 to 64 shown that BLUECELL extracts helped to reduce nearly 40%of crow¡¦s feet; skin density increased 10%, moisture 30%; 80% and 90% of the subjects appreciated the significant improvement on skin smoothness and firmness respectively.
Clinical Study Report Nr. CTE43A, Dr. Alain Beguin, Clinical Skin Testing Department, Intercosmetica Neuachatel S.A. (Switzerland)


  • BLUECELL extracts is suitable for both men and women of all skin types.
  • Non-comedogenic (Does not clog skin pores).
  • Apply at nighttime or before sleep a small amount on the facial and neck area.
  • BLUECELL extracts can also be used as EYE GEL.