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CA-white capsule

Many people think that it is an everyday need to drink a glass of milk as it can whiten our skin as well as prevent osteoporosis. Most adults, however, have lost the ability to digest milk, not to mention calcium absorption and skin whitening!

Fortunately, EVERGREEN CA-white capsule provides the easiest way of calcium absorption and skin whitening. It is a calcium supplement that can achieve whitening and retain body calcium. By using nano-technology, CA-white capsule can be easily absorbed by our body. It contains high concentrated calcium that can prevent osteoporosis. It also contains various amino acids, which can inhibit melanin formation effectively.

Calcium carbonate

  • Key component in the structural development and maintenance of healthy bones
  • Maintains healthy teeth and gum
  • Prevents osteoporosis


  • Component of gastric juice
  • Prevents diseases caused by polluted food

Contains important amino acids:
Aspartic acid Threonine Serine Glutamic acid
Valine Phenylalanine Leucine Tyrosine
Glycine Alanine Cystine Methionine
Lysine Histidine Arginine Taurine

Others functions

  • Inhibits melanin formation, helps skin whitening
  • Produces protein and thus increases the amount of collagen and elastin of our skin
  • Helps detoxification, alleviates constipation problem
  • Strengthens anti-oxidation system, reduces destruction caused by free radicals
  • Regulates our metabolic rate and accelerates the fat metabolism and consumption
  • Helps calcium absorption
  • Balances our hormonal levels, reduces pimples and comedones
  • Strengthens our immune system, ameliorates our memory by strengthening our central nervous system
  • Promotes better vision, protects our lens and prevents cataract formation