More about BLUECELL Extracts

Discover this all new 2003 SWISS revolutionary high technology innovation in a luxurious exceptional formulation serum combining the BLUECELL substances from blue plants with multiple botanical extracts, Super Hyaluronic Acids and essential Lipids.

2009 a new enhanced formulation was derived with added ingredient of Vegetal Placenta and Fresh Cells, Pentacare-NA, DNA Collagen M and Triple active Oxygenin, bringing back youthful skin faster than before. Beautiful Fine Textured, Vibrant, Glowing and Youthful-Looking Skins isn't an illusion. It's simply a matter of neutralizing environmental stress and other destructive factors that damaged your once beautiful skin.

BLUECELLTM extracts is the proud achievement after years of extensive scientific researches from sonic of the best R&D Collaboration between Lab DoM AvMM, Switzerland with some of the renowned who-who in Skin Health Cosmeceutical Science across Switzerland. Germany & The United States, among them winners of The Prestigious 2001 Crystal Award (The Nobel Prize Equivalent in the Beauty Industry).

Nature uncompromising gravity force causes skin to sag, discontouring the shape of the face. Dry skins, wrinkles and fine lines are tell-tale signs of aging.

Dullness and dark spots are evidence of extreme exposure to environmental stresses. Researched and developed to intervene against these aging scavengers, BLUECELLTM extracts takes specific action on your skin's behalf, rebalancing the skin, replenishing & restoring youthfulness, radiance and vitality.

BLUECELLTM extracts surfaces deep upon immediate application into the skin's layers saturating the undernourished skin cells with ultra moisture and maintains them.

It also hits up the skin with resilience, moist feeling perpetuating the radiance to come from within. Protecting further the outer layers against constant environmental aggressiveness, skin becomes smoother, energized, refined, firmer ideally supple and resilient with much improved skin texture and complexion.

BLUECELLTM extracts nourishes, rejuvenates and regenerates the skin cells thoughout the night while you sleep. Your lace and neck feel exquisitely dewy without the slightest hint of greasiness or stickiness. Vibrantly toned and recharged every morning.

Anatomy of skin

The skin is the body's largest organ and covers the entire surface of our body. Our skin is made up of millions of skin cells, each requiring specific amount of nutrients in order to function healthily. The skin cells require good level of nutrients. Each skin cells is surrounded by a prospective coating called the cell membrane. Skin regulates body temperature and protects our internal organ from the harsh elements of the environment. Skin varies in texture, structure and thickness and is made up of three components. The epidermis, dermis, and the hypodermis. The epidermis forms the upper protective barrier of the skin. The outer most part of the corneal layer comprised of millions of dead skin cells which are shed and continually replaced by living cells that originates from germinative layer.

The Dermis

The dermis is separated from the epidermis by the basement membrane. It is comprised of collagen and connective tissue. Collagen is a fibrous protein produced by fibroblast cells scattered throughout the dermis and is responsible for most of the skin's mechanical strength. Aging of skin is due to cross linking and hardening of collagen fibres in the dermis.

The Hypodermis

This layer contains adipose tissue and serves to attach the dermis to its underlying tissue. It also acts as a thermal barrier and mechanical cushion which varies in thickness from person to person.

The extremely high moisture and oxygen carrying capacity of the BLUECELLTM extracts is based on the flexibility of the C-F bond. They stretch and enlarging the molecule and providing space for oxygen. BLUECELLTM extracts is the key ingredient in this luxurious formulation. An MFIII proprietory ingredient, BLUECELLTM Extracts was designed to be the most effective and efficient carrier known to science. It captures oxygen by mimicking the function of haemoglobin, It is a highly inert compound, which instantly create a 3rd phase of emulsions which repels all other ingredients. Haemoglobin is the key element in the blood's ability in transportation of essential nutrients.

BLUECELLTM Extracts as a Carrier, works as an active transport mechanism between the cells and intercellular space- It works by increasing oxygen supply resulting in a stronger diffusion ingredient which allows cell epidermis to absorb the optimal quantity of oxygen for the metabolic process. It helps the cell to breath optimally and to self regulate better in polluted environment. It is an ideal detoxification agent, which rids the skin of carbon dioxide by enriching the skin with a higher oxygen level. BLUECELLTM extracts does not interfere with the skins normal function of perspiration nor its PH balance. It does not clog skin pores.