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Organic Bitter Gourd Enzyme Beverage

Organic bitter gourd enzyme beverage was produced by organic farming and took 540 days for deep fermentation. It contains abundant nutrition of bitter gourd. With enzyme component, it not only promotes the advantages of probiotics growth, purifying bowel environment, improve food digestion and absorption, regulate body pH balance and detoxification, but also with its unique ingredients including lectins, Charantin and Momordicine which play a remarkable role in burning of excess body sugar, it¡¦s an effective tool for weight management.

Furthermore, we used to associate ¡§heat¡¨ with acne especially after eating fried food. In Chinese Medical point of view, bitter gourd provides the reducing ¡§heat¡¨ function, thus it also bring improvement of ¡§heat¡¨ related problem.

100% Natural Organic Bitter Gourd Enzyme Drink helps you

  • Promote Glucose Dissolution
  • Purify bowel environment
  • Detoxification
  • Promote Skin Health
  • Weight Management Control