Price (HKD) :$880


Organic Noni Enzyme Beverage

Noni is a tropical fruit and its seeds are strong and are able to survive in different habitats. In fact, Noni contains over 140 different health ingredients and healing herbs which can provide holistic protection to our health. With the enzyme component and organic farming, its more reliable and safe for consumption.

One of the ingredients proxeronine help to promotes healthy cells activities and repair damaged cells. From the immune system point of view, it strengthens our thyroid gland and thymus, simultaneously promotes the macrophages and lymphocytes, boosting our immune system in order to fight against diseases. And the other outstanding ingredient is Scopoletin. It can dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation and allay mood disorders. As a dietary source, noni can replenish our energy and can be taken as snacks to control our weight.

100% Noni Enzyme Drink helps you

  • Nutrient boost
  • Endurance and energy level & immune system improvements
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Well-being, health improvement in general
  • Improving promote cellular regeneration
  • Encouraging blood circulation
  • Balancing hemocyanin level, calming moodiness