Organic-Vegi Enzyme

Organic-Vegi Enzyme is made of valuable, organic vegetable and fruit. The fermentation process takes more than 540 days and follows a long-established tradition. Moreover, Organic-Vegi Enzyme is added high-potency LA-77 probiotics, researched and developed by world-renown immunologist Dr. Ching-hsiang Hsu. This unique combination formula will doubly safeguard your health. It is suitable for people of all ages



Noni Enzyme helps you:

  • Break down heavy metal, lipoprotein, cholesterols, blood coagulants and drugs
  • Improve blood circulation
  • optimize the level of blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Reduce fat accumulation
  • Improve skin quality especially with acne related persecution
  • Anti-aging
  • Health protection

For Daily Health Care

  • Take 30ml per serving and twice daily with an empty stomach
  • Dilute the liquid 3-6 times with water

For Fasting :

  • Take 60ml thrice daily.
  • Take more if hungry