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MFIII Ovine Placenta Softgels

MFIII of Switzerland PE Softgels is currently one of the clinically proven, original Swiss formulated bioactive cell extracts in unrivalled hi-tech bio active softgel capsules form for anti-aging, tissues regeneration and rejuvenation. The late classic actor Charlie Chapin and Audrey Hepburn were so pleased with the amazing result of Placenta. At present, many renowned celebrities, Presidents and the Swiss World Cup team members are on the similar "Cell Therapy" treatment to improve their mental and physical ability in hope ofremain apex as long as possible.

Utilizing 1st Grade New Zealand Government MAF Certified Ovine Placenta, the sheep cells produced in capsules remain biologically active by a proven technique for gently conserving biological substances, without damaging the effectiveness of the valuable bio-active matter. The exact dosage of the cell preparations can be accurately measured and sterility controlled. MFIII of Switzerland softgels are deemed the most perfect anti-aging and cell activating supplement.

The softgels bypass the stomach and dissolve in the small intestine to avoid the destruction of active peptides and their functions by gastric acid thereby ensuring the bioavailability of the cell elements consumed.

MFIII is hormone free and will NOT affect your production of hormones.

Clinical Studies

A 4 months independent randomized double blind placebo controlled study of 58 women aged 20 to 60 had shown:

  • A significant skin roughness reduction
  • Normalization of sebum secretion
  • Lustrous and moisturized skin
  • Skin density increased nearly 20%
  • The percentage of increase was more important in the older age group, which achieved a skin rejuvenation level of about 20 years younger!
  • Neither irritations nor allergic reactions were reported throughout the studie

Clinical Study Report Nr. CTE23A, Dr. Alain Beguin, Clinical Skin Testing Department, Intercosmetica Neuachatel S.A. (Switzerland)


  • Take 1 capsule daily (at least 6 months for optimal effect)
  • Take the capsule half hour before meal for optimal result