The Assurance of Swiss Quality

Over the years, intensive Research and Development advancement in biotechnology has enabled Swiss products to attain a strong presence in the international market, especially quality and reliability. Various stringent health and quality standards were established in Switzerland to ensure that Swiss manufacturers maintain a constant standard in their products. Thus, "Manufactured in Switzerland" products served as a symbol of reassurance to consumers around the globe.

Swiss Authorities Certification

MFIII of Switzerland is manufactured with full conformity and adherence to international standards of WHO guidelines and approved by international stringent standard of cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices), ISO14001, European Eurocerta certifications, TQM (Total Quality Management), SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) , Swiss Federal Office of Public Health in accordance with Swiss Inspection SIS027and STS160, USA USDA FDA Approval (No: F00083022) and over 20 safety assessments.

Hong Kong Recognition

MFIII supplement is the ONE and ONLY placenta products approved and registered by Department of Health in Hong Kong (No. HK-51013)